Deacon Jodi Lorenz, a native of Arizona, came to North Dakota after a long career in public education.  She has a heart for children and youth and serves as the Youth and Family Faith Formation Minister for First and Trinity United Ministry which serves the communities of Ray, Epping and Tioga.  About five years before she retired from her teaching career she answered God’s call for ministry and began her seminary studies as a distributive learner at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  

 Jodi became interested in the church as an adult and because of that she has many questions and continually is seeking and growing her relationship with Jesus.  Jodi also has a strong call to take the church out into the world and the needs of the world into the church.  Church is not just what happens on Sunday morning in one particular building. 

Jodi loves to travel, read, garden and meet with others and just visit.  Her faithful companion is a retired therapy dog named, Mei. 

Deacon Jodi Lorenz